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Studio TN: This is how Europe is affected when waterways dry up

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Studio TN

This is how Europe suffers when lakes and rivers dry up

During the summer, you reported on drought in some of the hardest-hit countries in Europe. What are the most severe side effects you’ve seen?

– When you go to the countryside, above all, it is amazing how badly the farmers suffer. They notice this immediately, but it also affects other parts of society. When the flow of rivers is low, water transportation, power generation and in worst cases, even tap water are affected. They started water rationing not only in Northern Italy but also in other parts of Europe. About 47 percent of the EU’s surface is covered by a drought warning and in 17 percent, nearly a fifth of the entire Union, the situation is described as urgent, according to the European Commission. So it’s a very serious situation, says Eric de la Reguera at Studio TNN.

Why is the drought so severe this summer?

– It was a combination of factors, but winter had very little precipitation, ie snow and rain. They didn’t even get proper spring rains. Summer season started with high temperature. Here in France, even here in Paris, it’s already over 40 degrees in June, which is pretty early. Usually, these temperatures come with the traditional heat wave in July and August. As this has been going on for 9, 10 months now, it has taken a turn for the worse.


It is part of Studio DN. Listen to the full episode to learn more about the drought’s political implications, how it’s affecting Italy’s vital Po Delta, why heat and drought are shutting down nuclear power plants in France, and how British farmers are struggling to keep their animals alive because of water. deficits.

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