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Studio DN: DN's medical reporter answers questions about the coronavirus

Studio DN: DN’s medical reporter answers questions about the coronavirus

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Listener questions about COVID-19 – DN . medical reporter answers

Question: How contagious is the omicron variant compared to the common cold virus?

So far, we know relatively little about Omicron. It is also very difficult to scientifically examine and compare infections in different viruses. There are many factors that play a role. For example, the so-called R number, that is, how many people the virus infects from a person in a population, how it behaves at home, then also depends on the immune response to previous infection, and how much immunity there is. Then you also see that the thing that indicates that oomicrons are much more contagious than a cold virus is that oomicrons can cause so-called superspreading events. It does not make common cold viruses, so it indicates that it is clearly more contagious compared to the common cold virus.

Question: Will the world have herd immunity after omicrons or will new variants follow?

Globally, it is difficult to say when herd immunity will be achieved due to the existence of such uneven vaccination worldwide. But in the long-term and in the long run, it’s likely going in that direction — more like a regular seasonal infection. But it will take time.

– We have seen that omikron came after Delta, so there is of course a risk that another species will spread around the world and is considered dangerous. You already have a list of variables to follow to see if they can be developed. We simply have to wait and see, new variants can appear, which simply put everything on hold. But we can only hope that it fades away now.

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In this section you will also find out when we can get a vaccine against the omicron variant, what tests are recommended – and why a third dose is necessary even though you have covid-19.

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DN . studio

Listener questions about COVID-19 – DN . medical reporter answers

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