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Storm Henry hits the East Coast of the United States

Storm Henry hits the East Coast of the United States

Nearly 80,000 families lost power in Rhode Island and another 24,000 in Connecticut. Several areas of New England are located in Henry’s Way.

It is also expected to pass New York City by a margin of a few kilometers. But the multi-million dollar city can still count on a real storm with thunder, strong winds and torrential rain. Construction, beaches, and outdoor cafes are again banned.

Elsewhere in New England, the order is expected to be stricter. The Massachusetts National Guard is being mobilized to be ready to rescue or release people after a hurricane advances.

The coast has previously been hit by severe storms from the Atlantic Ocean. Hurricane Bob hit the area 30 years ago, killing 17 people.

According to the US Hurricane Center NHC, Henry was about thirty miles off the coast just before midnight local time. Since the storm has now withdrawn over land, it is expected to continue north and slow down at the same time.

‘Like a heart attack’

But according to outgoing Governor Andrew Cuomo, one should expect more than a day of storms before the danger spreads.

– This is as dangerous as a heart attack, he says.

Already Saturday, New York was affected, when a major concert that was to be held in Central Park in Manhattan to celebrate the city’s opening up after the pandemic was cancelled.

Half of the concert had room for harvest before the organizers announced that everyone had to leave the park.

“Due to severe weather conditions approaching, we are asking all attendees to calmly move toward the nearest exit and continue to exit the park,” the NYPD wrote on Twitter, stressing that it was not an emergency.

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The break came amid a performance by artist Barry Manilow.

– They boycotted us and kicked us out of the theater because they were afraid of thunder. It’s starting to get really serious,” Manilow told CNN afterwards.

Tornado I Tennessee

At the same time, more than 20 people were reported killed and about forty missing after major floods in Tennessee.

Heavy rain combined with the tornado inundated large areas of Humphreys County, just over ten miles west of Nashville.

Ryan Madigan and his 11-year-old daughter Charlotte watch the rising waves as Hurricane Henry approaches. The photo was taken on the beach in Montauk on Long Island in New York. Photo: Craig Ruttle/APTT

Storm Henry crossed the Atlantic last Friday.

Storm Henry crossed the Atlantic last Friday. Photo: NOAA via AP/TT