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Stonehenge may lose its World Heritage status

Stonehenge may lose its World Heritage status

UNESCO World Heritage confirms to the Guardian that Stonehenge, a mysterious stone place in southwest England, has been placed on the World Heritage List ‘in danger’.

The reason is that the British government has offered plans to build a giant tunnel, worth about 1.7 billion pounds, close to the famous World Heritage site.

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UNESCO has tried on several occasions to lobby for changes to the building plans, arguing that the historical value of the site would suffer “severe damage” if the plans became a reality. Grant Shapps, the British transport minister, appears to have added deaf ears and proceeded with plans as planned.

UNESCO has since ruled out the idea of ​​future talks on the issue, unless the British government changes building plans. “It is unclear what could reasonably be achieved through further participation, as it would not be possible to compensate for the unacceptable consequences of the plans on the table,” they said in a statement.

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