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Steam Deck Docking Station Delayed - Again

Steam Deck Docking Station Delayed – Again

Steam Deck is a popular, albeit hard-to-get, tool that seems to be followed by Valve even with the official docking station. Initially, the plan was to launch the docking station next to the Steam Deck, but those plans have gone awry and instead Valve aims to launch it in the spring. Now plans have changed again and this time the release has been postponed indefinitely.

In a post about the delay, Valve wrote that component production has not caught up with the pandemic and that the company is looking at other solutions to be able to properly ramp up production. Valve also writes that this will in no way affect the production of Steam Deck, as it was built elsewhere.

However, users who would like to use Steam Deck in docked mode will see more improvements soon. According to Valve, the developers are working to make Steam Deck work better with many third-party USB hubs and docking stations. Historically, Valve has been relatively efficient in rolling out necessary updates to Steam Deck, something that we hope will be true this time as well in order to wait for users.

Planning to buy a Valve docking station or have you come up with your own solution?

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