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Steam Deck aims to support Windows 11

Steam Deck aims to support Windows 11

Valve’s Steam Deck is located in the border area between the game console and the laptop. Physically, the appearance of the device is similar to the Nintendo Switch, but internally there are devices that, according to Valve, can handle the entire huge library of Steam games. The console has Valve’s Linux-based Steam OS preinstalled, but unlike traditional game consoles, users are free to install other operating systems.

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A possible alternative to Steam Deck would be Windows, which has opened questions about compatibility with the impending Windows 11. Microsoft has argued that it is impossible to avoid Hardware Requirements New operating system groups. in a Interview with PC Gamer Steam Deck designer Greg Coomer says they’ve focused so far on Windows 10, but that work on Windows 11 continues.

It’s also a conversation going on with AMD, to make sure that at the BIOS level, we can accommodate that. So there is no indication yet that there will be any issues with Windows 11. – Greg Coomer, Steam Deck Designer

According to Coomer, Valve is actively communicating with AMD to ensure compatibility even at the BIOS and hardware level. Kummer also explains that there is work being done around Microsoft TPM متطلبات Requirements. However, so far, there should be no indication that Steam Deck is having problems with Windows 11 and its hardware requirements.

Thus it looks relatively bright for those who intend to install Windows on Steam Deck. However, compatibility does not automatically mean that it is well optimized either. Steam OS can be a better option for those who want to get the most out of performance, as it is specially adapted for Steam Decks and Steam Library.

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