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2021 Olympics • Australia to the semi-finals after extra time

2021 Olympics • Australia to the semi-finals after extra time

It was thrilling from start to finish in the Olympic Quarter Final between Australia and Great Britain. The British hit the wood twice during the first half of the hour, but it was Australia who scored the first goal.

In the 35th minute, midfielder Alana Kennedy reached a corner top and nodded 1-0, which made Sweden captain Toni Gustafsson jubilant. 1-0 the score was also in the first half.

Australia admitted at the last minute: ‘Through the right row through’

However, the British response came immediately in the second half. After the 57th minute of play, free-spirited player Ellen White found the net with a great free kick.

Just eight minutes later, it was time for Wyatt again, whose score flew 2-1. The transformation is complete.

But she was not there. Before the final whistle, Australia managed to get a receipt. In the 89th minute, the great star Sam Kerr hit the ball in the penalty area and scored 2-2 at the ankle.

Australia decided in the long run: ‘Maximum misfortune’

It was a stretch and there the UK would have a few minutes of nightmare.

In the 100th minute, the British were punished when substitute Nikita Paris fell in the penalty area. Caroline Weir chose the right corner but goalkeeper Tejan Mika was in the net and saved.

Instead, Australia attacked and crossed Mary Fowler in a long-range shot through one of the defenders at the crossbar.

Talk about random targets. Discovery Plus commentator Marcus Poland says it’s very bad luck for Great Britain because the ball is on its way out.

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Australia put it 4-2 after 30 seconds in the second quarter of overtime for Sam Kerr but Britain made the drama nonetheless. Five minutes before the end of the match, Eileen White completed a hat-trick and reduced to 4-3.

But Australia postponed and won.

– It’s amazing. I have a lot of feelings in my body right now. To be able to score my first Olympic goal in this way… It’s so amazing, says champion Mary Fowler.

Sweden now awaits in the semi-finals for Australia, on Monday 13.00 Swedish time. When the two teams met in the group stage, Sweden won 4-2.

We gave Sweden a real game last time, so it will probably be a good match. I would say they are the strongest team in the tournament at the moment, says Sam Kerr who scored both Australia’s goals against Sweden last time.