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Starbreeze is finally starting to fix Payday 3 for real

Starbreeze is finally starting to fix Payday 3 for real

Payday 3 has been a bit of a massive dumpster fire since its launch. For some reason, the game didn't have a single player mode but now that mode will finally be added. However, not quite as many had hoped.

Starbreeze has had a tough couple of years so far and one would think that the company should start listening to its players if they want to survive for much longer. Now it turns out they were onto something when it came to Payday 3. A game that almost no one loved as much as its predecessor thanks to a slew of stupid design choices.

Starting June 27, the game will finally give players the option to play solo. Something is missing in the title so far. However, it is just a beta test that will require players to start the game with an active internet connection. So it is not a suitable offline mode.

Fortunately, Starbreeze says this isn't the full version of the solo mode. At first, it simply transfers certain aspects of the game that were previously handled by servers to players' computers. Therefore, performance will suffer if you are driving alone. This will then be developed and hopefully the requirements for starting the game in online mode before solo play will also be taken care of.

Payday has 3 ways to go before it reaches or exceeds the level that Payday 2 has reached. Game design choices, connectivity issues, and numerous bugs at launch resulted in Payday 2 winning over a lot of gamers despite its age. Since then, the third has been essentially forgotten. Hopefully this is the start of a good comeback story.

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