Since April last year, 155 outbreaks of the virus have occurred within the same hospital, and two out of three of those who contracted the disease during those outbreaks were health care workers. According to Birgitta Letsie, chief medical officer for hygiene, the numbers regarding the spread of infection are the result of a combination of a lack of immunity, “an airborne unit we didn’t know about and tight staff spaces” as well as what she describes as poor compliance with hygiene rules in some places. When you are now black on white I was able to show the exact section where the infection is spreadingBirgitta Letsie hopes, in real time, that this will change the view of going to work when you feel unwell.

In fact, it seems that cultural change has already taken place in many places, According to a Dagens Medicin . survey.

Before the pandemic, you might have come to work a little bit sometimes and that was socially acceptable. That’s not the case anymore, says Pontus Johlin, director of human resources for the Kronoberg District.

However, he believes that there is no comprehensive strategy for solving the staffing problem when employees stay home at the slightest symptom, but he makes it clear that the area may need to rethink and employees in a different way in the future.