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Springsteen comes to friends to defend success

Springsteen comes to friends to defend success

But the 29-year-old Olympic silver medalist on the team will face stiff opposition.

– Olympic gold medalist Malin Beard Johnson, who is the director of sports for the Games, says five of the top ten places in the world rankings will be on site.

Two of them are Swedes: world setter Peter Friedrichsen and world number three Henrik van Eckerman. They are joined by Ben Maher of England and Scott Brosch and Marlon Modolo Janodelli of Brazil, all three of whom are in the top ten in the world.

– This is Scott (Brush)’s first time coming to friends, and it’s a lot of fun.

This is the premiere of Greek shooting star Aioli Mytilino, who teamed up with Stallion Lewis de Muse at this summer’s European Championships.

Horse races Friends will decide on November 25-28. The competition is special because there are small – albeit high – starting fields in jumping, and you combine high quality sports in both jumping and dressage with multiple show elements. In addition, both Pony Riders and Juniors can participate and compete.

The eight Swedish show jumpers who can participate will be decided by national team captain Henrik Angarkrona. However, sports director Barrott Johnson decides which ten foreign riders will be invited.

– It’s a unique competition and it’s a lot of fun to see and hear what all the riders who come to us are impressed with what we have to offer, says Malin Barrott Johnson.

When Jessica Springsteen was involved in riding the Olympic silver on the team to the United States last summer, after a thrilling jump-off against Sweden, who did it on the horse of Don Juan van de Donkov, but the silver horse was not allowed to go to Stockholm.

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Instead, he brings his Tiger Lily and Volage to Wall Henry. In 2019, Jessica Springsteen won the Grand Prix class in the Friends category. That year, he was also named the tournament’s overall successful jumper.