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SPPS rewards Stefan Jansson for his contribution to plant research

SPPS rewards Stefan Jansson for his contribution to plant research

It has now been more than twenty years since Stefan Jansson became Professor of Plant Cell and Molecular Biology at Umeå University, and more than thirty years since he defended his doctoral thesis at the same university. During this time, he and his group at the Umea Plant Science Center (UPSC) investigated how plants capture sunlight, how trees sense the arrival of autumn and how they survive the winter. They have made many pioneering discoveries and published numerous articles in top-ranking journals, which is highlighted in the justification for the SPPS award.

The justification also emphasizes Stefan Jansson's involvement in the field of research communication, which has already received several awards in the past. Several years ago, he decided to devote one day a week to public outreach, and used this time to explain plant research to various audiences. He has been particularly active in the debate on GMOs and plant genome editing, appearing in various media formats and writing numerous discussion articles.

Stefan Jansson has been the Head of the UPSC Department of Umeå University for several years, but he has also held many authoritative positions. Among other things, he was President of the Federation of European Societies for Plant Biology and SPPS, and led the Society to become more active and involved in accordance with the SPPS fundamentals. Stefan Jansson is also a member of three Swedish National Royal Academies and in this role contributes to the promotion of science and related activities for the benefit of society.

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– It is truly a great honor to be one of the recipients of this award, says Stefan Jansson, who, after Karen Leung in 2019 and Gunnar Øquist in 2015, is the third UPSC researcher to receive the SPPS award.

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