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Spotify: sjung aldrig mer fel text med ny funktion

Spotify: Never sing the wrong words again with a new feature

Spotify is now expanding its support for real-time texting. As of today, users on more platforms can instantly get the right lyrics to their favorite song.

Spotify has been collaborating with Musixmatch since 2015 and has tried to display lyrics to music. The first release was the desktop version, but now they are expanding the functionality support and making it available for more platforms and markets.

Today, Spotify has more than 170 million paid users worldwide. They have access to an estimated catalog of 100 million songs by the end of the year, and the new service now being launched is sure to be appreciated by many.

Spotify began testing the feature in the app in February, but it was then only available to a small group of test users. They also had, even then, in collaboration with Musixmatch, fragments of lyrics mixed with information about the songs.

Available to all users

From now on, the feature will be available to everyone, premium and free users, on iOS, Android, desktop computer, Android TV and game consoles Playstation 4, Playstation 5 and Xbox One.

Song lyrics are one of the most desired features by listeners around the world. So, after several tests, we created an experience that is both simple and interactive,” Spotify wrote in a press release.

Search for songs by lyrics

According to Breakit The new service comes about a year after Spotify announced the introduction of a feature that allows you to search for songs using lines of text.

“Let’s say it frankly: It’s easier to sing along to your latest favorite song when you know the lyrics. That’s why Spotify, starting today, is letting millions of fans around the world sing louder and more confidently than ever before with the help of Lyrics,” he said. Spotify Books.

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