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SpaceX wins a billion dollar contract - to take people to the moon

SpaceX wins a billion dollar contract – to take people to the moon

During the Trump administration, NASA launched the new space program Artemis. The goal is to make a new moon landing during the 1920s and at the earliest in 2024. In addition, there are plans to create a permanent space base on the moon.

She won billions of contracts

Several space companies have competed on the task of building the spacecraft that will land on the moon’s surface. After SpaceX clearly made the cheaper offer, the company has now won the contract with NASA, according to reports BBC.

This step directs the human mission towards sustainable lunar exploration and aims to undertake missions further into the solar system, including Mars, Cathy Lauders, head of manned spaceflight at NASA, said in a statement.

SpaceX, owned by billionaire Elon Musk, will receive $ 2.89 billion (more than 24 billion Swedish kronor) to deliver a spacecraft that can land on the moon.

Moon stay for a week

The spacecraft in question is named the Starship and has a “spacious cabin” for astronauts as well as dual air locks that allow walking on the moon’s surface.

Astronauts will go into space on a space shuttle and then cross over to the Lunar Lander. Once on the moon, expeditions will be carried out in previously unexplored areas.

The purpose of the flight isn’t just to pave a new path on the moon – for the first time, an astronaut will be part of the crew.