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Sophia Sophia – Find me anyway

Sophia Sophia – Find me anyway

Sophia Kisner And Sofia Gunnarsson In duo SofiaSofia He returned to follow up Rooting for youwhich they launched at the end of the summer of last year and which they also talked about in an interview in the blog.

The new song with the duo is called Look for me anyway He provides beautiful vocals for a melancholy arrangement that blends organic and electronic. The whole thing creates a dream-like feeling as the song seems to flow through the soundscape. Delicious and beautiful, then I think it would be really fun with the two women singing in harmony.

Look for me anyway It picks up somewhere where the second song left off. Because if Rooting for you It was about how to move on after a relationship, and this is about when you succeed in doing so. And so we get a hopeful, if sad, song about moving forward stronger and as a new person.

You can listen to Look for me anyway less. If you like the song and discover all the new and exciting artists on the blog, you're welcome to join Patreon This supports my work in highlighting Swedish pop music as one of the few Swedish blogs doing so today. It would have been a nice way to show appreciation.

With the single, we get the second single from Sofia Sofia's upcoming EP, which will be released later this spring. So there will definitely be more music with the duo to look forward to.

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