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Sony is encouraging developers to get ready for the PS5 Pro

Sony is encouraging developers to get ready for the PS5 Pro

Information continues to leak about work on the upcoming PS5 Pro console, codenamed Trinity. Back in March, there were reports about how powerful the console was compared to today's PS5, and now sources familiar with Sony say the company is in the process of asking developers to make their games ready for PS5 Pro, The Verge writes.

The focus now will reportedly be on encouraging developers to improve their games enough to earn a special stamp currently called “Trinity Enhanced.” The stamp should be a guarantee that the game is optimized for PS5 Pro, for example, upscaling to 4K through Playstation Spectral Supersolution (PSSR) technology, improved ray tracing effects or stable 60fps performance.

Sony reportedly sees the PS5 Pro as a premium version that is “about 45 percent faster” than the PlayStation 5 and expects all games shipped to it after the summer to be compatible with the console.

Earlier it had sources Indoor games He said Sony is aiming for a fall launch, while others see a launch closer to Christmas as more realistic. If game developers respond to Sony's request for optimization in a timely manner, there's at least no indication that a PS5 Pro will appear later in 2024.

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