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So was the premiere of the Skara Film Festival: "Ju-Ju!"  - Sklt

So was the premiere of the Skara Film Festival: “Ju-Ju!” – Sklt

113 attended the opening of the 20th Film Festival in Skara.

– Karin Hermanson, Secretary of Skara Bio Kontrast, says that we are happy to start the festival.

On Thursday, the Skara Film Festival kicked off, and according to Karin Hermansson of the organizing association Skara Bio Kontrast, they’ve had their premiere night.

– it was good. There was a good atmosphere and many regulars came.

Two of the founders of the film festival, Mikael Hermansson and Berit Stahlberg, spoke at the beginning. Photo: Mats Beckmann.



The festival kicked off with a retrospective where two of the co-founders, Mikael Hermansson and Berit Stahlberg, spoke at the beginning.

– It was really fun. Among other things, Mikael addressed how the ideas behind the festival went, with the breadth of film selection. We have wide and narrow films from different countries. It was fun bringing it up because we feel like we did that too for this year’s festival.

The Film Festival started with a look back at the past years. Photo: Mats Beckmann.

How was the movie premiere?

– It was a very nice movie. It is about people who live in very difficult areas of the UK. It turned out as great a movie as the first one, I think.

It can be seen that there was a good atmosphere before the movie premiere. A total of 113 attended the opening of the festival. Photo: Mats Beckmann.

The new feature with a corner dedicated to talking about movies seems to have a good home. Photo: Mats Beckmann.

There are still places left for those savoring the vital meals this week.

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– So far we have sold 900 pre-purchases. But I’m sure it will be renewed gradually, we notice that people are buying tickets closer to the movies.


– There are some films we would like to see more bookings for. If you are very hungry, it is best to book in advance so that you will get a good seat. Some people have their favorite salon seats, says Karin Hermanson.

There was a complication in the canopy. Photo: Mats Beckmann.