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Journalists are also people who have family and friends, says Citizen News co-founder Chris Young.

With over 800,000 followers on social media, the independent and grassroots-funded Citizen News has been one of the most appreciated news sites. Citizen News is the third media company to close its operations recently.

Founder Chris Young stresses that they are not subject to any police interference, but have nonetheless decided to close due to the prevailing media climate and diminished press freedom. According to AFP, it is no longer safe to continue working.

– Can we work with Safe News? I don’t even know what “safe news” is, editor-in-chief Daisy Lee said at a press conference.

The outspoken tabloid has perished

In an attack from Beijing, the police launched a raid against The Stand, which was recently forced to close. The outspoken “Apple Daily” newspaper also collapsed after freezing assets and arresting people holding key positions.

Hong Kong previously enjoyed relatively great press freedom, but a controversial security law passed by China last year means severe restrictions on press freedom.

Take care of your filthy package

“Wash your poo before you start teaching us about sanitation,” he told AFP.

The last independent ruin

Regarding the disappearance of Citizen News, only a small remnant remains from the independent news media, the Hong Kong Free Press and Initium, which moved its headquarters to Singapore but still has staff on site in Hong Kong.

Facts: China’s Security Law for Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s National Security Law was adopted by the Chinese People’s Assembly on June 30, 2020 and is said to be intended to “protect the country’s security”.

The law lists four categories of crimes: separatism (separatism), sabotage, terrorism, and alienation with foreign powers or foreign elements that could seriously threaten national security.

The law has been condemned by a large number of countries as well as the European Union and experts who believe that in practice it abolishes the principle of “one country, two systems”, which would apply according to the agreement when Britain transferred Hong Kong to China. Until 2047. According to the agreement, Hong Kong has its own laws.