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Sixty new wildfires in Canada

Sixty new wildfires in Canada

Fires continue to burn in the western United States and Canada, which are sweating during persistent heat waves. In Canadian British Columbia, 60 new fires broke out in two days, and in Oregon, the size of the fire tripled.

It burns in more than 300 places in British Columbia, Canada. Heat and thunderstorms caused problems in the governorate, as 60 new fires occurred in the past two days.

The heat appears to be continuing into the beginning of the week, with temperatures reaching 38 degrees, according to CBC Canada.

firefighters died

Wildfires are also raging in the neighboring United States. In Arizona, two firefighters died when the plane they were on crashed while searching for fires from the air. The state forecast temperatures of 45 degrees on Sunday.

And in Oregon, the size of the so-called Bootleg Fire has more than tripled since last Friday. But firefighters, forced to retreat due to the deteriorating situation on Saturday, were able to return to the front lines on Sunday, reports The Oregonian.

“Frightening fire”

An area of ​​600 square kilometers is blazing, and the trees, shrubs and other things that grow in the area are so dry that the danger of the flakes glowing causing new fires is great.

– It’s a very scary fire. It moves so fast that it creates its own weather, he says Rich Salsa In the rescue service of the newspaper.

Two villages in the direction of the fire, and the police had to threaten to arrest those who did not follow the evacuation orders.

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– I think the message got across that this is a very dangerous and unpredictable fire and that it is a high risk area. But he says there is always someone who would rather stay, and it’s an unhealthy choice Stacy Todd In the Klamath County Police Department to the Oregonian.