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Shocking information for coffee lovers  Marcus Oscarsson

Shocking information for coffee lovers Marcus Oscarsson

Shocking information for coffee lovers

As the Earth warms, supplies of the most common coffee bean, the Arabica bean, are at risk of dwindling.

The popular coffee bean will be very difficult to grow, leading to coffee shortages in the future, Vetenskapsradion reports.

– The Arabica bean cannot cope with hot weather, confirms researcher Alexandre Antonelli in an interview with the radio channel.

Try to find fresh coffee beans

Alexandre Antonelli is Head of Research at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, Great Britain, and Professor of Biodiversity and Systematics at the University of Gothenburg.

He, along with his colleagues, is working on developing a new type of coffee bean that can withstand hotter climates.

– There are actually other coffee relatives that are rarely used today, but can withstand hot weather, he tells the radio channel.

An example of such a coffee bean is the Liberian variety of coffee, which accounts for less than one percent of the world’s coffee production today. Originates from Liberica and is mostly grown in West Africa.

There is hope for the future

Alexandria Antonelli talks about the new invention.

– This is a bean that disappeared a few years ago, but was rediscovered when our researchers visited the area. With the help of local people and local experts they finally found some single plants, researcher Vetenskapsradion said.

He says researchers are exploring how the new coffee bean can replace the dominant Arabica bean.

There’s nothing wrong with the taste, insists Alexandre Antonelli, and the new invention “could be the coffee of the future.”

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Facts Arabica

  • Arabica is the most popular and popular of the commercially grown coffee species.
  • The species originated in Ethiopia, but today occurs throughout the bean belt. Today, it accounts for about three-quarters of global coffee production.
  • Another characteristic of Arabica is that it contains less caffeine than other types of coffee. Arabica is the most bitter type of coffee because caffeine is the substance that gives coffee its bitter taste.
  • Source: Caffeine

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