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Severe UK heat: Airport forced to close – asphalt has melted |  climate

Severe UK heat: Airport forced to close – asphalt has melted | climate

On Monday and Tuesday, new record temperatures and potentially life-threatening heat are expected to be recorded. Temperatures in several places are expected to reach over 40 degrees, including London and Manchester. The current temperature record in the country is 38.7 degrees.

The Met Office has issued a “severe” red alert for the first time ever in several parts of the country.

– In this country, we are used to the heat in the sense of being in the sun. Met Office Chief Penny Endersby says in a press release that this is not that kind of weather.

London is one of the hardest hit areas, and on Monday the city is expected to become one of the hottest places in the world with temperatures higher than those in the Western Desert. BBC.

Train rails can be bent

Many workplaces will be closed and Britons will be required to work from home. He wrote that trains would run slower on Mondays and Tuesdays, when temperatures could cause the tracks to bend daily Mail.

A national emergency was declared in the country and the government called a crisis meeting on Saturday, but Boris Johnson did not show up when he planned his farewell party.

Health care is expected to come under pressure

Hospitals are ready with additional staff and some planned operations have been cancelled.

Health care is expected to be “very strained”, Victor Adebole, head of the NHS’s national healthcare system, tells the Guardian. He also says that many hospitals are not at all suitable for dealing with the heat and lack air conditioning.

Heat is most dangerous for the elderly, children, and infants, who are at risk of dehydration.

– Extreme heat can eventually kill people because it’s so violent. “We are simply not equipped for the kind of heat in the country,” said Tracy Nicholls, president of the British Association of Ambulance Workers. Watchman.

Mark McCarthy of the Met Office says the trend of higher temperatures will continue.

– The human impact on climate change has put us on a trend towards more extreme temperatures in the UK, which would have been very unlikely to happen under a ‘normal’ climate.

People are rushing to stock up on water and sunscreen.

Reporting by Robert Borgesson of Expressen from Great Britain.

Brits on new heat warning: ‘Is it so? Oh my God’

Temperatures in the UK are expected to reach over 40 degrees.

Meteorologist: I’ve never seen anything like it before

Record temperatures in Great Britain are expected to reach 40 degrees.
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