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Severe storm in Britain - Two killed in falling trees

Severe storm in Britain – Two killed in falling trees

On Saturday morning, the English threw down trees, overturned trucks and erected worn-out roofs. Hurricane Arven, which struck on Friday, has caused major problems in the British Isles.

Two people have died due to the storm. On Friday, a man was killed when a tree fell on his car in Antrim, Northern Ireland. Another man has died after falling from a tree in the northwestern UK city of Ampliside on Saturday morning, British police say.

The BBC reports that hundreds of thousands of homes have lost electricity, while the storm has caused major traffic disruptions. Roads and railways have been blocked by trees and small landslides and boat traffic has been halted due to high waves.

Warns of cold weather

Before the storm hit, a “red alert” was issued for parts of Scotland and northern England. At that time, the people of the area were advised not to travel under any circumstances. Since then, the warning has been downgraded, but on Saturday morning, yellow warnings for strong winds and snow were issued across Britain.

In many places, wind speeds of more than 40 meters per second were measured, the BBC reported. In addition, the storm caused cold, which prompted the UK Health Authority to issue a low-temperature warning until Monday.

On Saturday, the British Meteorological Agency said the storm would move south and then weaken slightly. However, the English are still urged to be vigilant and avoid unnecessary trips.