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Send asylum seekers here - day

Send asylum seekers here – day

President Paul Kagame hopes that more European countries will send asylum seekers to Rwanda

Despite massive criticism, not least from the church, Rwandan President Paul Kagame says more European countries should start sending their asylum seekers to Africa.

Anyone seeking asylum in the UK could soon be airlifted to Rwanda where their rights can be questioned. The plan has received massive criticism from the Church of England, and the first flight with asylum seekers was stopped at the last minute after a late appeal.

But neither Britain nor Rwanda have any plans to end cooperation, despite the setback. Now Rwandan President Paul Kagame says many more countries should follow suit. Haryana News reports.

Broken structure

He says most Rwandans have experience as refugees.

– So this is not new to us.

Paul Kagame said the existing asylum system would not work today.

– The asylum system is broken and there is no doubt that innovative solutions are needed. We are happy to contribute to the solution.

Criticized country

In addition to the United Kingdom, Denmark also plans to send asylum seekers to Rwanda. Even in this case, it was harshly criticized, including by the country’s state church, which rarely handles political issues. Apart from the fact that European countries want to send their asylum seekers to Africa, there is criticism that it is a country that is becoming increasingly dictatorial and that Rwanda is intervening militarily in the ongoing conflict in DR Congo.

Rwanda is receiving large sums of money by seeking asylum seekers from Europe, which Paul Kagame did not explicitly say in his statement. In the past, the European Union has entered into agreements with countries such as Turkey and Libya to reduce the number of immigrants entering the Union. It remains to be seen whether many countries from Rwanda would like to receive this offer.

Facts: Rwanda

  • Rwanda is a small country in central Africa.
  • Many know the country because of the horrific genocide of 1994.
  • Today, the country is ruled by Paul Kagame, a president accused of dictatorial tendencies.

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