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'Seinfeld' fans are upset by Netflix's gaffes  Filmzine

‘Seinfeld’ fans are upset by Netflix’s gaffes Filmzine

The version of “Seinfeld” available on Netflix may look better in quality, but many fans have noticed that something is actually missing.

On October 1, all seasons of the popular comedy series appeared “Seinfeld” (1989-1998) exclusively on Netflix, which cost the streaming service nearly five billion kroner.

There may be many fans or newcomers who have taken the opportunity to watch About Nothing, where we can follow the four friends Jerry, Elaine, George and Kramer.

However, some fans have noticed that it is something missing In total 180 episodes. This is because the version of the series that we can see on Netflix is ​​the re-formatted version in 16:9 wide image format instead of the original 4:3, which means that things are missing in the picture.

In many cases, this isn’t something that spoils the experience, but like in visual joke episodes like “The Pothole” from Season 8, the joke literally disappears from the screen.

Admittedly, there is more to see on the pages with better image quality, but in this case, another important piece of information that you can now only see if you watch the series on DVD disappears. When the series was available on Viaplay, C More, and Prime Video, it was shown in 4:3 format, but Netflix now owns the rights to broadcast “Seinfeld”.

This isn’t the first time something similar has happened in the streaming service, as it’s happened almost exactly the same in all seasons “The Simpsons” Featured on Disney+.

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Like “Seinfeld”, previous seasons were in 4:3 format, which became a notable problem with such visual series as “The Simpsons”. However, Disney+ shared the fan anger and offered the opportunity to watch the series in its original form.

If Netflix would do the same “Seinfeld” remains to be seen. However, it requires restoring the string in the original 4:3 format…

Is this something you have noticed and if it bothers you?