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Screenwriter of Baby Shark, Is There a Story Here.

Screenwriter of Baby Shark, Is There a Story Here.

“Baby Shark” is called “The Sharks” in Swedish translation and is considered a song that has been sung at summer camps in the United States for at least 30-40 years. It became an international phenomenon when ten-year-old Korean-American singer Hope Seguin sang in 2015.

Recently, Pinkfong’s South Korean version of the Youtube song became the most watched clip of all time, with an unimaginable ten billion views.

From a song to a feature film

But how do you start building a feature film script around a children’s song? Screenwriter Sarah Edwardson has worked with children’s television for over 20 years, including Bolibompa on SVT.

– You understand why they do that. Baby Shark is a brand they should take care of. You have billions of views on YouTube, you already have the audience. There they have the opportunity to do something really good and think, What are we really going to give this billion audiences? she says.

What can be done to say this?

– There is already an arsenal of characters. Dad, mom, granny shark, and then they go out hunting. There is a basic story here. A lot of people who make music and movies for kids put in a lot of effort. In fact, says Sarah Edwardson, straightforward is best.

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