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Scoring wave against Cluita - sweets markets as a fruitful moment

Scoring wave against Cluita – sweets markets as a fruitful moment

This summer, Chloeta-owned Malaco brand is campaigning for Gott & Blandat’s new “Real Fruits” collection. Pictures of candy bags along with the fruit spread in several social media posts.

Gott & Blandat packaging images were accompanied by the text “My Fruit Moment” in the left image. Dessert should have contrasted with the image of an apple and a banana with the text “Fruit time for others”.

The science writer and molecular biotechnologist wrote in a blog post last Wednesday, Anne Fernholmabout the product. In the text, she urges her readers to take the matter to the Swedish Consumer Agency because Cloeta has equated the products with fruit.

He’s heard a lot about the tough PR campaign that Malaco/Cloetta has been running lately to get us to buy his new “fruit candy.” They equate the dessert with a fruit salad, and claim that you get a “fruit moment” if you eat it. It is of course completely wrong and is something you can and should report to the Swedish Consumer Agency as a consumer.” Anne Fernholm writes in the post.

Clearly, her message has had an impact.

This week, the Swedish Consumer Agency received a total of 56 communications against Klueta, and many of the complainants refer specifically to the writer’s blog post. Siren news agency reports.

One complainant wrote to the Swedish Consumer Agency that Cloeta’s investment is “disastrously misleading”, while another believes that the candy is by extension “harmful to the health of young people”.