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Sarah Hagstrom arranges Swedish World Cup gold in downhilling

Sarah Hagstrom arranges Swedish World Cup gold in downhilling

55 seconds ahead of Switzerland, Sarah Hagstrom set off in the fourth and final second leg of the World Cup relay race in the Czech Republic. She knew she had a place on the team for several weeks and felt ready.

– I’ve prepared for all kinds of different scenarios. This was the dream scenario – to be able to do my own race without worrying about others. I head as best I can when I can run on my own, so it was really nice to get that lead, she says.

But it seemed like it might be difficult. In the first half, the IFK Gothenburg runner lost eight seconds in Switzerland, at the same time as Norway and Great Britain approached from behind.

– I made a small hook on a check and it ran wrong and got really nervous. But I was ready for it and exhaled and went back to my plan.

But Hagstrom found the right path to the second examination and extended it to all competitors. Then it wasn’t really exciting. Sarah Hagstrom walked away without problems and managed to save her first and third gold for Sweden at the World Cup – in the third competition.

– Great start. It will be a bit difficult to reload now but I hope to get a boost, she says.

In the end, the Swedish team was 26 seconds ahead of second place Norway, after his teammates met Hegström while running the Swedish flag and together they ran over the finish line.

– I am very proud that I took a place in this team. I looked at others for a long time and it was great to be part of the team, she says and continues:

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– It’s a bit like I don’t feel at home on the team.

how do you mean?

I’ve never run for Sweden’s first World Cup squad before, so it’s a little unusual.

The other Swedes on the team are Tov Alexandersson, Emil Svenske and Gustav Bergman.

On Tuesday, the World Cup continues with a medium distance.

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