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Same system circuit in all iPhone 16 models

Same system circuit in all iPhone 16 models

Developer Nicholas Alvarez has spotted references at Apple for this year's new iPhone models, and unlike last year, they all appear to have the same system circuitry, according to reports. Macromore.

According to the leak, the new models will carry the model designations iPhone17.1, iPhone17.2, iPhone17.3, iPhone17.4, and iPhone17.5. For comparison, last year’s models in the iPhone 15 family carry the designations iPhone15.4, iPhone15.5, iPhone16.1, and iPhone16.2 — the two Pro models with A17 chips start at $16 and the cheaper models with A16 chips start at $15. With the same starting number, all the new models are likely to get the A18 circuit.

Apple is rumored to launch four iPhone 17 models, but five new model designations have emerged. Macrumors expects the fifth model to be the new iPhone SE.

Of course, Apple may have just changed its model designation strategy, but it may also differentiate the cheaper and more expensive models in other ways. The A18 Pro chip is likely to be present along with a few extra GPUs. The foundation is likely to be the same because the company wants to make sure that the upcoming Apple Intelligence features work well across the entire new family.

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