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Saab acquires British blueberry company

Saab acquires British blueberry company

Saab today acquired Great Britain-based BlueBear Systems Group Ltd.

Bluebear’s acquisition is part of SAP’s ongoing expansion into priority countries such as Great Britain, Australia, the US and Germany.

BlueBear is the world’s leading provider of AI-based autonomous drone swarm systems for advanced security and defense applications. Bluebear has 65 employees based out of Bedford in the UK and a turnover of £8m by 2022.

The combination of Saab’s world-leading products, services and solutions and BlueBear’s experience as an active integrator of AI-based autonomous systems will strongly contribute to Saab’s future capabilities. With the company’s expertise in autonomous and drone swarms and management systems, BlueBear will contribute to Chapin’s solutions globally.

Emerging and disruptive technologies such as AI, machine learning and autonomous systems have the potential to transform entire industries. So Saab follows a proactive strategy with selective acquisitions. Through acquisitions and strategic partnerships with companies specializing in new technology, Saab’s capabilities are expanded. This means that we can provide more complete solutions for a wider range of security needs. AI will enable Saab to further develop the company’s systems capabilities and increase the efficiency of our world-leading product portfolio.

– The acquisition of Bluebear is another step in line with our growth strategy to secure Saab’s position and competitive advantage in one of our priority countries. BlueBear is the world’s leading provider of AI-based autonomous drone swarm systems for advanced security and defense applications. The company fits well with Chapin’s ambition to use emerging technologies within autonomous systems and AI, says Michael Johansson, Chapin’s president and CEO.

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Within Saab, BlueBear will create a center for rapid concept development and provide expertise to increase the power of innovation.

– For BlueBear, the fact that we are now part of SAP is an important step in our journey. We see many new opportunities for autonomous systems for marine, airborne and land-based applications. We see opportunities in sensor integration, next-generation command systems, AI-based military cloud services and next-generation platforms,” says Dr. Yog Patel, CEO of BlueBear.


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Saab is a leading security and defense company that helps nations protect their people and contributes to security for people and communities. With over 19,000 skilled employees, Saab develops technology and solutions for a safer, more sustainable and fairer world. Saab develops, manufactures and maintains advanced systems in avionics, weapons, command systems, sensors and underwater systems. Saab is headquartered in Sweden, but Saab is a global operation that is part of the defense capabilities of many countries.