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Rwanda plans for asylum seekers - from the UK

Rwanda plans asylum seekers – from the UK

Rwanda’s political leadership can be seen to be keen to show the outside world that we will take good care of asylum seekers sent by Britain.

This agreement means that asylum seekers will be sent to Rwanda, where an asylum process takes place, but the United Kingdom accepts the cost.

Long-term criticism

The pot for Rwanda is SEK 1.5 billion. Rwanda’s multi – year development needs money as it is rejected by the news.

In the last election, Rwandan President Paul Kagame won with 98.8 percent of the vote. In view of the long-standing criticism of human rights organizations about political repression and the freedom of expression that surrounds it, the person is hard to digest.

The only opposition party in Rwanda’s parliament has openly opposed the deal, saying Britain is trying to buy itself out of responsibility.

– Why they do not use this money to ensure that asylum seekers immigrate to the UK. Instead of sending them to the country where they did not come, says Jean Claude Ntezimana of Rwanda’s Green Party.

“Look at them as a family”

The Rwandan government wants to talk about compassion and helping people in need.

– Especially when it comes to people from Africa. “We see them as a family,” President Paul Kagame said in a recent speech.

In Hotel Desire, the corridors are empty when operations manager Jackie Uwamungu surrounds me. She’s a little worried when I tell her it’s too late for asylum seekers to appeal. Hotels had difficulty filling rooms after the outbreak.

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– We are very much looking forward to their coming, he says.