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Russia’s Gazprom cuts gas supplies to Europe

The headquarters of Gazprom is in St.  Petersburg.
The headquarters of Gazprom is in St. Petersburg.

Russia’s state-owned gas group Gazprom is further reducing gas supplies to Europe.

The reason: The turbines in Nord Stream 1 need repair, according to Gazprom.

Putin is playing a cunning game, says German Economy Minister Robert Habeck.

The Nord Stream 1 pipeline running under the Baltic Sea is the most important German gas supply line. It starts from Vyborg in Russia and connects to the European gas network in Greifswald, Germany.

Gas addiction, not least of GermanyOne of the Kremlin’s most dangerous political weapons.

On Monday, it was announced that Russia will further reduce shipments of fossil gas via Nord Stream 1, type Handelsblatt. The new reduction means that about 20 percent of management capacity is used.

The announcement caused already high European gas prices to rise.

Counterstab from Berlin

The reason is that another turbine needs repair, according to Gazprom. But the government in Berlin rejected the Russian explanation. The turbine is ready for delivery — the Kremlin is only trying to split the West and raise gas prices, says Economy Minister Robert Habeck.

Putin is playing a cunning game, he says die zeit.

Siemens, which will manufacture the new turbines, blames Russia.

What is missing are the customs documents required for import into Russia, says a Siemens spokesperson die zeit.

Monday’s announcement comes after Russia announced last week that gas supplies to Germany would resume after a 10-day break for maintenance work.