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Russian embassies receive Ukrainian headlines - 'Putin should be embarrassed'

Russian embassies receive Ukrainian headlines – ‘Putin should be embarrassed’

“Street of Ukrainian Heroes” is now the name of the street on which the Russian Embassy is located in the Lithuanian capital, Vilnius.

“From today, the business card of all employees of the Russian embassy will contain a note commemorating the Ukrainian struggle, and everyone should think about the cruelty of the Russian regime towards the peaceful state of Ukraine when writing the name of the street,” said Vilnius Mayor. Remigijus Simasius in a statement Wednesday, AFP reported.

On Tuesday, it became clear that even employees of the Russian Embassy in Oslo could soon get a new view out the windows. Visually, it may look the same, but the outer intersection will now be called Ukraine Square, Ukraine Square.

In Riga, Latvia, the street near the Russian embassy will soon be called the Street of Independent Ukraine – and in the Albanian capital Tirana, residents will get used to the name Street of Free Ukraine.

‘Putin should be embarrassed’

In London, the Liberal Democrats have proposed the new address of the Russian embassy to be Zelensky Street, Zelensky Street — as a tribute to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, according to the Evening Standard.

Britain should shame Putin in every possible way. The party’s foreign policy spokeswoman, Leila Moran, told the newspaper that everyone who visits or writes for the embassy should be reminded of Putin’s murderous and devastating invasion of Ukraine.

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