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Russia: Repel Ukrainian attacks  JB

Russia: Repel Ukrainian attacks JB

“The air defense destroyed four Ukrainian drones over areas in the Bryansk, Smolensk and Tula regions,” the ministry wrote.

Two Ukrainian robots are said to have been shot down over the Sea of ​​Azov, according to the ministry. It is said that it was heading towards Russian territory, but it is unclear whether it was intended for Russian territory or occupied territory.

Drones were also shot down in the Moscow region, according to Russian information that came earlier on Sunday.

For its part, Ukraine says that eight of the nine Russian drones launched into Ukraine on Sunday were shot down.

Last Saturday, 75 Russian drones were launched over Ukraine, most of them over Kiev, according to a Ukrainian statement. The Ukrainian government confirmed that this happened on the same day that the country commemorated the Holodomor, the famine that killed millions of people in Ukraine during Stalin’s rule of the Soviet Union.

Russian attacks also take place in relation to Ukraine, noting ten years have passed since the beginning of Euromaidan, when demonstrations broke out in Kiev’s Independence Square (Maidan) against pro-Russian President Viktor Yanukovych. He fled the country and Ukraine moved closer to the European Union. The following year, in 2014, Russia entered Ukraine and annexed Crimea.

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