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Rudy’s son Giuliani appeals to Donald Trump for help



Rudy Giuliani is undergoing a federal investigation and threatened with libel lawsuits after all accusations about the election result.

Now he is pleading with his son, Donald Trump, to intervene and help his personal attorney.

– He should take the lead on this. Andrew Giuliani says he can be the hero To CNN.

The problems mount for Rudy Giuliani, 76. Dominion and Smartmatic, who make hardware and software for voting machines, have sued him for huge sums of defamation over his post-election accusations.

Giuliani was heavily involved in spreading the conspiracy theory that companies collaborated with foreign parties to alter the election results in Joe Biden’s favor.

His situation and potential legal problems did not improve as police searched his home and office in New York on Wednesday last week. Among other things, clients brought “several electronic devices” with them.

The investigation of Giuliani has been going on since 2019 and suspicions are that he undertook illegal lobbying activities by the Ukrainian authorities with the aim of removing Mary Jovanovic, the then US ambassador to the country.

    Rudy Giuliani, former New York mayor and Donald Trump attorney.

Photo: Jacqueline Martin / TT News

Rudy Giuliani, former New York mayor and Donald Trump attorney.

They were not paid by Trump

One looks at the contacts Rudy Giuliani made with high-ranking representatives in the country during his attempts to elicit compromising information about Biden, and then his son Hunter in particular.

Giuliani, who has not yet been notified of any suspicion of committing a crime, denies all allegations and describes the corruption investigation. His efforts in Ukraine led to the first lawsuit against Donald Trump.

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As the president’s personal attorney, he was the one who ultimately led the campaign to somehow change the outcome of the 2020 election. Results.

The work he did on the president’s behalf made him mock the more liberal part of the American media world and now risk incurring a large amount of legal fees. Giuliani’s supporters say Trump was not paid for his efforts.

They now want the former president to open his huge coffers. He has raised a little over two billion crowns during the battle against the election result, and is helping his former arms carrier, He writes for the New York Times.

The son appeals to the former president

According to the newspaper, Giuliani was the driving force in convincing Donald Trump to challenge the election result and convinced him that victory was possible. But the then president was unwilling to pay when Giuliani later asked for nearly 170,000 crowns a day for legal aid.

Trump reportedly told his advisers he did not want to pay Giuliani anything, but agreed to cover his nearly two million kronor expenses before leaving the White House in January. It states the New York Times.

The person in the front row pleading with the former president to help Rudy Giuliani is his son Andrew Giuliani. The son worked for the Trump White House administration.

– I think it should be kept harmless. I think all Americans who donated after November 3 made it to the legal fund. My father led the legal team at the time. So I think it’s easy to argue that he and all the attorneys who worked on the case should be replaced, Andrew Giuliani told ABC News.

According to CNN, Rudy Giuliani employees have informed Donald Trump in recent days of the spike in legal costs incurred by his former personal attorney in the wake of the Ukraine scandal and election allegations. Giuliani’s lawyer Robert Costello does not want to comment on the TV channel on what Donald Trump said in the talks.

Rudy is frustrated

The former president and his staff have yet to decide whether to participate in the ongoing investigation into the material seized from Giuliani, as they want to ensure that confidential information between the client and the attorney does not end in the criminal investigation.

Trump should take the lead on this. He could be the hero. Once President Trump really realizes that his top legal advisor has not been compensated, he will quickly solve the problem, says Andrew Giuliani. To CNN.

Says friend and former employee Bernard Kerik, who also demanded that Trump step in To CNN He talks to Rudy Giuliani daily and “feels fine”.

– But he is frustrated by the backlog of cases and the ongoing criminal investigations because responding to the charges costs money.


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