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Rockstar will (apparently) release three remastered GTA classics this fall

Rockstar will (apparently) release three remastered GTA classics this fall

Get ready to visit San Andreas, Vice City and Liberty City.

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After last year’s new releases of the game series mafia It has been confirmed that Rockstar parent company Take-Two has several remakes of old classics. Now the site says Kotaku You have reliable sources that this is a rework of three classic GTA games that will be released on most platforms, including the Nintendo Swtch.

More specifically, it will be about titles Grand Theft Auto IIIAnd Grand Theft Auto Vice City And Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. All of this will be re-engineered and updated using the Unreal Engine, and the end result will apparently be a mixture of new and old graphics to retain the classic feel.

The thing that can be difficult to keep from the previous versions is all the songs of fictional radio stations, only in GTA San Andreas The player can hear more than 150 high-pitched songs licensed from artists and record companies.

The new version of Tony Hawks Pro Skater 1 + 2 I managed to solve all but seven of the original game songs so there’s hope for K-Jah West, K-Rose, and all the other stations. As long as you can ride through San Andreas on a fat motorcycle and listen welcome to the Jungle Are we satisfied.

According to Kotaku, we won’t have to wait long to see and hear what these new releases look like. It looks like the games are slated to launch in one go this fall already. If these new releases prove successful, we may be able to hope for an update Red Dead Redemption very soon.

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