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Rockstar founder reveals why GTA is not being filmed | MovieZine

Rockstar founder reveals why GTA is not being filmed | MovieZine

Video game adaptations may be the hot new thing, but once upon a time it was incredibly risky.

Video games have become the hot new thing in Hollywood, following their successes on the live-action front (“The Last of Us”, “Fallout”) and in animation (“Arcane”, “Super Mario Bros. The Movie”). But despite this, many of the biggest games in the gaming world still haven't been adapted for film or TV series.

Dan Houser, co-founder of Rockstar Games, the studio behind blockbuster games like “Grand Theft Auto” and “Red Dead Redemption,” gave a new interview with Angler He explained why Rockstar games, despite their popularity, have never been made into movies.

Grand Theft Auto (known at least as GTA) is one of the biggest game series in the world. The upcoming sixth game is likely to be the most interesting game in many years.

– They thought we would be blinded by the light and it wasn't. We had what we thought was billions of dollars worth of intellectual property, and the economics didn't make any sense at all. The risk never made sense. In the past, the common perception was that games made bad movies.

In short: they wanted to protect their titles, and bad movies in general are a bad way to run something. But now times are different, and Houser has left Rockstar. Who knows, maybe we could see a “Grand Theft Auto” movie or a “Red Dead Redemption” series sooner or later?