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RFSL in the annual LGBTQI ranking of countries in Europe – ‘still mainly in Sweden’ – QX

Last week, the annual ILGA Europe was released rainbow pointer They study how good European countries are with LGBT rights. From the 2021 report to this year’s report, Sweden remained in sixth place. At the same time as neighboring Denmark jumped from ninth to second place, only Malta with a superior result of 92.02 per cent (where 100 per cent means complete equality) took first place for the seventh year in a row.

President of the RFSL Tarifa Shakili It is overwhelmed by the fact that in just one year Sweden has raised its rainbow index score by 2.9 percent (from 65.07 to 67.97 percent).

– Correctional work appears to be stable in principle in Sweden, and there are very little changes from last year. She says that the fact that Sweden does not have a modern law of sexual affiliation lowers our rating considerably, and also links the finding to the fact that Sweden does not yet have a ban on conversion therapy for LGBT people.

Several other countries now impose bans on penitence attempts to attempt to cure, threaten, or force someone to give up their sexual orientation or gender identity. A recent report showed that five percent of LGBT youth in Sweden are subject to serious prosecution. It is time for Sweden to legislate against this. We also need to promote the rights of intersex people.

How do you generally view developments in Europe in the field of LGBT rights over the past year?

– It is clear that many countries have acted forward, including France, which has imposed a ban on diversion attempts. At the same time, we are witnessing a worrying development in Hungary and Poland as the difficult situation for LGBT people continues. However, the worst of the year was the UK, which lost many places. There, the government initially promised a modern gender equality law, but has now backtracked on it and rolled back its transphobic policy. Sweden should not follow the UK’s lead.

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