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Rex is at risk of decay

Rex is at risk of decay

Some countries, Great Britain and Germany, for example, are the best at preserving their old technological culture. But not in Sweden, here it seems more and more inefficient every year. It is best to invest in paddle courts and similar trams.

The closest example is Doug Rex. A remnant from Sweden’s most famous duckboard yards. Not a canal road user since 1918.

With help Volunteer efforts from the municipality and from many private individuals, a lot of time on the boat and unpaid work because it was almost a full time job, so the boat was at the top level nearby.

But it came in some new hands, so you can say “one fool is better than another” if you want to be meaningful. This is not true, as many thought, “that boat can be operated with the left hand and heel kick.” Such stars have to play with the motor in a plastic boat. There they do less damage.

Rex needs more time and effort to keep a good steam boat in good condition.

And the current situation?

The boat is located on the Hjalmare coal. It does not really own and will completely disintegrate without supervision. The chimney has been bad since last spring and it will rain freely up and down the water boiler. This is despite the fact that “the best steamboat expert guarantees it is well covered”. With this kind of “care”, the boat should soon be transformed into a wreck.

The only salvation is to put the boat ashore, preferably a building with something on top of it. Preferably with a lock to keep such “experts” away.

Sometimes it is said, “I do not need enemies with such friends.”

Malto Erickson

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