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Revitalized version - with 4K resolution support

Revitalized version – with 4K resolution support

Yesterday, the annual Quakecon kicked off, which is now a digital event that brings together new and slightly older game fans to see what publisher Bethesda has to offer in the game series. As usual, there was a bit of an artistic buzz during the evening as the audio basically ended up a little after the pictures, but in the end the highlight of the evening was introduced.

Quake: Revitalized Edition is an updated version of the first Quake game that now supports 4K UHD resolution and ultra-widescreen displays. In addition, models have also been developed to better suit higher resolutions as well as graphics effects such as dynamic lighting, antialiasing, and depth of field.

The new version also contains the two expansions previously released during the game’s glory days, but it also comes with two all-new expansions created by Swedish studio Machine Games. The first of the two was made in conjunction with the game’s 20th anniversary, while the second is brand new and is called “Machine Dimensions

The entire campaign can be played with three others either online or locally via split screen. When it comes to multiplayer mode, there is support for up to eight players online, but it relegates again to four local players. split screen. Moreover, there are also dedicated servers and support Crossplay.

Quake: Revitalized Edition was released yesterday right after the presentation and is available for PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Playstation 4, Playstation 5 and Nintendo Switch.

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