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Familjen samlad på stranden i "Old".

Review: Old Movie – Summer Horror on Paradise Beach – Kulturnytt at P1

M Night Shyamalan performed in 1999 with “The Sixth Sense” starring Bruce Willis, the actor who starred in his movie “Unbreakable” the following year. Yes, the list of movies is of course longer than that. Now he has made a script for the cartoon short story “Sandcastle”. He directed the movie and appeared as an actor in the movie as well.
It starts off well, a family on their way to their long-awaited sunny vacation in a minibus… Vicki Krebs makes the mother and Gabriel Garcia Bernal makes the father… Actors who feel fresh, not tired.

So in the hotel the hotel manager greets them, accommodates them … but is hiding something. Gustav Hammersten plays the role of the resort manager.
And I can’t help but see in front of me a Hollywood office room… well, how are we going to make it infiltrate the audience’s bodies. Swedish of course. Think midsummer.
When they eat their healthy breakfast at the hotel, he comes up with a suggestion, an exclusive suggestion they must keep a secret. He knows a beach where no one bothers you, the beach of paradise.

The movie is called “Old” and on the beach it turns into a prison, time rushes and heaven becomes a horror experience. Shyamalan produced a well-played summer horror movie, with a bit of humor and sometimes thought-provoking. I give “Old” three big, slightly tapered umbrella drinks in the ratings.

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