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Respond to notifications without opening the app

Respond to notifications without opening the app

Control notifications

We explain what's hidden behind the enhanced notifications setting.

In Google's Android interface settings, there's a setting for opaque enhanced notifications. Samsung gave it the fairer name of Suggest Actions. This feature is usually turned on by default and means that if you expand a notification, you can often make selections for that notification without opening the app.

For example, if you receive a text message, you can mark it as read (if it's short enough to fit in a notification), you can mark an email as read or delete it if it's spam, and you can like messages in Messenger. In messaging apps, you can also choose to reply, and for some apps, you get a reply line right in the notification where you can type your response without interrupting what you were doing, while others take you back to the app when you choose to reply.

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