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Resignation of Hungarian President Katalin Novak – does not stop the NATO operation in Sweden

Resignation of Hungarian President Katalin Novak – does not stop the NATO operation in Sweden

Thousands have protested In Budapest, they demanded the resignation of President Novak since it became known who was pardoned before the Pope's visit in 2023. The pardoned man was the deputy director of an orphanage who was convicted of trying to cover up the sexual abuse of children at the home.

The violations must have been committed by a home manager who was convicted of at least ten violations between 2004 and 2016.

Sweden does not stop the NATO operation

In fact, it is the president who must sign the parliament's resolution approving Sweden's membership in NATO. But if there is no new president-elect until the end of February, when Parliament is expected to vote, it is the Speaker of Parliament who may temporarily take over the duties of president.

– This will not affect how Parliament votes. What Sweden is waiting for is the reopening of parliament on February 26 and then a vote to approve Sweden's membership, says Christopher Windek.

Time is important

If the presidential nomination goes quickly, it is possible that Parliament will meet additionally before February 26 and then also vote on Sweden’s application to join NATO.

– But nothing so far indicates the existence of such a rush. But in theory, in this case, the opposition could try to get a vote on Sweden's NATO membership on the agenda during a special session, says Christopher Windek.

Former Minister of Family

Katalin Novak was previously Family Minister in Viktor Orbán's government, and remains a close ally of the prime minister and several other senior leaders in the ruling Fidesz party.

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It has not been made public why she chose to pardon this person as it is not a requirement under Hungarian law.

Protests in Budapest on Friday after Katalin Novak pardoned a convict. picture: Ferenc Eza