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Resident Evil Village computer test: 'a disappointment that takes action'

Resident Evil Village computer test: ‘a disappointment that takes action’

Do not agree – yet! It means the digital foundry.

‘Okay, but not good enough’ And the ‘Disappointing and baffling’. In short words, you can summarize it Digital Foundry’s PC test for Resident Evil Village. Capcom’s action adventure got off to a good start with good marks from both critics (FZ review) and people. On steam For example, 95% of about 19,000 are positive. Digital Foundry does not agree with this.

Alex Battaglia from Digital Foundry praises the game itself but doesn’t think the PC version is correct.

I love what the RE engine does technologically and the game itself is great, but on the other hand, I’m really baffled and frustrated by some of the design options, bugs, glitches, and performance issues. This diversion is not where it should be now.

Things that stand out, for example, settings (lots of graphic options, but menus are hard to navigate on a PC). Beam tracking produces low-resolution details, resulting in grainy results. On a computer, you should be able to anticipate the best, most test cases. Field of view without player control and a “What it looks like” Break down burnishing. Framerate drops have also been mentioned. The foundations for the good are after all, but according to Pataglia we are A “patch or two” who is this.

You will find a text format for the test HereAnd if you prefer to have it in video form, it will come here.