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Report: Employees testify to problems at Ken Levine studio

Report: Employees testify to problems at Ken Levine studio

The bioshock builder does not seem to be the easiest to work with.

That was about nine years ago Infinite Bioshock He was released, and since then we haven’t seen anything new from Ken Levine. Irrational Games was discontinued and instead founded the smaller studio Ghost Story, which is still under Take-Two. However, the first game shines with its absence, and according to current and former employees as Bloomberg Levine spoke to much of the same problem.

They say, among other things, that Levin is relentless and that those who “challenged” him in some cases have been fired. He also didn’t hesitate to cancel parts of the game they had been working on for months if he wasn’t completely happy with it. The other thing that spoiled the relatively small team in Ghost Story were the ambitions, some describe as Levin wanting an AAA game from a budget-sized team.

Initially, they aimed to release a game in 2017 based on the “Lego combo” concept. It was a shooting game that took place in a space station with three different factions, and they can all be both friendly and hostile to the player. However, the complex dialogue systems and the fact that the project was constantly growing in scope, made employees wonder how they would meet the deadline – which they did not.

It is unclear if this is the project they are still working on. One employee says the team is hopeful they are now finally on the right track, but that it could be two years before the game they’re working on is released.

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