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Relationship between metabolism and fatigue after CCHF

Relationship between metabolism and fatigue after CCHF



Anoop Ambikan. Photo: Christina Sundqvist

The significance of the findings extends well beyond CCHFV. The study lays the groundwork for a more comprehensive understanding of postviral fatigue syndrome across different viral diseases by exposing the complex relationship between viral infection and metabolic changes. This newfound knowledge may lead to the development of interventions and treatments specifically designed to address the persistent fatigue that impairs quality of life for countless individuals.

Anoop AmbikanComputational biologist Department of Laboratory Medicine Who participates in the study, stresses the holistic approach in the research.

– We created comprehensive models that allowed us to track metabolic changes at different stages of injury – from acute onset to early recovery and even post-recovery. This multidimensional analysis provided invaluable insights into disease progression and body responses.

You want to investigate more serious cases in the future

Because the study primarily focused on patients with non-severe CCHFV infection, the research team acknowledges the need to expand their investigation to a wide range of severe cases.

Our study was limited by the high mortality rate among severely ill patients. “We intend to recruit a larger sample, including survivors of critical illness, to further improve our understanding of recovery processes,” said Dr. Ujwal Nyogi.

The study was funded by the Swedish Research Council, Cumhuriyet University Scientific Research Projects (CUBAP), and European Union Horizon2020 grants.


Systems-level temporal metabolic immune profile in CCHF virus infectionAmbikan AT, Elaldi N, Svensson-Akusjärvi S, Bagci B, Pektas AN, Hewson R, Bagci G, Arasli M, Appelberg S, Mardinoglu A, Sood V, Végvári Á, Benfeitas R, Gupta S, Cetin I, Mirazimi A, Nyugyu, PNAS, online Sept 5, 2023.

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