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Red Dead Online fans want new content.  Take-Two boss: "I hear the frustration"

Red Dead Online fans want new content. Take-Two boss: “I hear the frustration”

But it is Rockstar who decides.

After a long time without any large amounts of new content to the online part of Red Dead Redemption 2 I created a fan with the hashtag last winter #SaveRedDeadOnline Hoping to be heard. They are now one of the no less than Strauss Zelnick – CEO of Take-Two parent company Rockstar.

zelnik says to IGN He “heard the frustration” and it was “fun” that fans wanted more content. He adds that Rockstar will tell more when the time comes, and Take-Two will continue to provide support Red Dead Online at the long term.

However, after the IGN interview was published, Take-Two sent them a clarification that the suspension only applies to online servers and that it is entirely up to Rockstar to make a decision on future content. So in practice, Take-Two says they’ve heard fans’ wishes but aren’t promising any concrete action – it’s up to Rockstar.

Thus, fans’ frustration is based on a few major updates Red Dead Online Lately, while they’ve been noticeably older GTA 5 Received several larger doses of the new content. The logic in that might be the player base: They’ve sold 165 million GTA 5 But 44 million “only” RDR 2. But no consolation if you want to play Red Dead Online.

Selling the number 44 million RDR 2 Released in the Take-Two Quarterly Report yesterday, it is above expectations. The same report revealed that GTA+, a subscription service offering GTA OnlinePlayers in the game money and more content, they went better than expected. So it might be something that will appear in more contexts in the future. maybe in Red Dead OnlineThen hopefully with more new content in the trailers.

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