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Record heat in Europe – yo-yo weather in Sweden

The heat will soon return to Sweden – but not to the same extent

Superheat has broken hundreds of records across Europe.

In Sweden, the weather has gone back and forth – and will continue to do so.

– Incredible variability, 20 degrees difference in two days, says SMHI meteorologist Ida Dahlström.

After a few warm sunny days in Sweden, the heat has descended towards Eastern Europe and the Mediterranean. Temperatures are expected in Italy, Croatia, Serbia and Romania About 40 degrees.

Because of this, these countries and a few others in the region have more severe types of red alerts for the entire country or for specific regions.

But despite temperatures reaching 40 degrees, the weather was unusual, says SMHI meteorologist Linus Carlson.

“It’s not unusual when we get this kind of weather when it’s high pressure weather with lots of solar radiation,” he says.

– but long periods of weather bring drought and fire.

Super heat has been replaced by mild weather.

Back and forth in Sweden

Meteorologist Ida Dahlström of SMHI says it is remarkable that the weather in Sweden dropped sharply after a few days from very high temperatures.

– Incredible variation, 20 degrees difference in two days, he says.

However, even if temperatures don’t rise as much as before, the trend will likely continue, he says.

Tomorrow will be warm and sunny in southern Sweden, before showers across Sweden. It looks like it will last until early next week. But by the middle of next week a high pressure will arrive, and then the summer heat is back.

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“Impossible” temperatures are reached

TV4’s meteorologist Lasse Rydqvist says the heatwave, which started in France and Spain and turned north after a few days, has broken hundreds of records. Article on the channel.

He shows that the wave broke 128 temperature records in Germany alone. Further Andorra It broke records for three days in a row.

A remarkable record was broken in this UK It went over 40 degrees for the first time there. 1.5 degrees higher than the previous record.

According to meteorologist Linus Carlson, the temperature change is significant.

– Several countries have broken their heat records with flying colors, says Lasse Rydqvist.

He also says that UK research has previously shown that such high temperatures are unlikely.

– In untouched climates, he says, getting up to 40 degrees is basically impossible.

– For example, climate has a certain relevance to research done in Great Britain. However, it should be emphasized that individual weather events cannot be directly linked to overall climate.

Forest fire west of Athens.

40 degrees in Sweden – unofficially

But if the heat lasts only a few days in Sweden, it lasts longer in the Mediterranean. He says the temperatures will last a while, so Swedish holidaymakers in the region are being asked to be prepared for the heat.

Sweden doesn’t have a national heat record, at least not officially. Because even though on paper it was the hottest day of the year at Målilla in Småland, the big thermometer in the center showed 40 degrees.

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