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Record bird flu outbreak on the West Coast

Record bird flu outbreak on the West Coast

This year the Norwegian Veterinary Institute SVA has received a large number of reports of sick and dead wild birds. Large-scale volcanic eruptions are particularly visible along the western coast and above Gotland. Above all, piglet, lonely, gray and geese were affected.

The virus reaches the brain and causes severe inflammation, says Carl Stoll, a state epidemiologist at SVA.

It is the central nervous system that is affected and the bird loses control over its body. It could be like in the clip above, where the swan is swimming in circles.
According to the SVA, the increased prevalence of infection among wild birds can be observed in several places in Europe.

Usually decreases during the summer

Particularly worrisome, according to Karl Stoll, is that the virus has “beyond the summer.” This type of eruption usually occurs in the winter months, then subsides during the summer. But this is the second year in a row that this has not happened.

– What we’re seeing now, as infections continue to spread and morbidity and mortality rates rise among wild birds in midsummer, is an entirely new scenario. Therefore, there are many indications that next season will also be problematic, with the risk of outbreaks also increasing in poultry, he says.

Reduced risk of infection to humans

The risk of the current type of bird flu infecting humans has been assessed as very low by the Public Health Agency and the EDC. But the general recommendation is to avoid touching sick or dead birds.

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