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Radio head killed and journalist kidnapped in Afghanistan

Radio head killed and journalist kidnapped in Afghanistan

In recent days, the Taliban has continued to gain new ground in Afghanistan through an increasingly intense offensive. Yesterday, the Taliban captured the area of ​​strategic importance Kunduz city and Saar Pol city In the northern part of the country.

Now members of the movement are suspected of kidnapping a journalist in Helmand province and murdering in the capital, Kabul, Reuters writes.

Flood Omar chief For Paquita Radio, he was killed on Sunday by unknown assailants in the capital. Tufan Omar has also been involved with NAI, an organization that supports independent media in Afghanistan.

According to Mujib Khalwatgar, head of the NAI, the attack targeted the country’s independent media.

Omar was killed by unknown assailants. “He was a liberal man and we are under attack because we operate independently and independently,” he told Reuters.

in Helmand Province, In the southern parts of the country, journalist Nematullah Himat was kidnapped from his home in Lashkar Gah. Afghan authorities suspect that the Taliban are behind the attack and kidnapping.

According to Reuters, a representative of the Taliban denied the involvement of members of the fundamentalist movement in the attacks.

A report by NAI shows that at least 30 journalists have been killed, injured or kidnapped by armed groups in Afghanistan this year. At the same time, Reporters Without Borders warns of widespread concerns within the country’s journalistic corps. According to the organization, the Taliban closed 50 local media outlets during the latest offensive by the militants. Almost 100 journalists were said to have lost their jobs.

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According to Reporters Without Borders, media outlets that continue to operate from Taliban-controlled areas now only publish religious content.

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