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Queer Eye star ‘beaten up and left to die’ – QX

Tan France Accompanying a documentary he tells of his own experiences bleaching his skin, a press he associates with coloring within his community. Prior to the premiere, he was a guest on the morning show This Morning, where France is more personal than ever.

This is when the host Philip Schofield He asks if it is true that he was beaten when he was five years old as the Queer Eye star tells about the racism he had to put up with while growing up in the UK.

It wasn’t the first time, and it wasn’t the last time. That’s why I don’t live in the UK today.

I was five years old and on my way to school by myself. It was only a block away, a two minute walk. My mother worked every God-given minute and my brother, with whom I usually went to school, was sick at home. So I needed to go alone. On the way there, I was beaten up by a group of men and then they left me to die.

Schofield is notably held back from testifying, but France makes clear that it was not an unusual occurrence in Doncaster.

– It was common, it happened very regularly. One of the reasons I started bleaching my skin was because I didn’t want people to immediately understand that I was Asian. I thought if they only thought I was a foreigner, they might just leave me alone.


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