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Protesters attacked Macron’s favorite restaurant |  GP

Protesters attacked Macron’s favorite restaurant | GP

Among other places, in Nantes, Marseille and the capital, Paris, angry crowds took to the streets.

In Paris, a number of protesters reportedly caused a fire to break out at one of President Macron’s favorite restaurants. Bar staff were seen putting out the flames in the awning of the restaurant where Macron held his victory party after winning the 2017 election.

Throw away the rat carcass

A journalist in Agence France-Presse said that a group of men dressed in black were seen throwing fireworks and stones in the direction of the bar. Then the emergency services were able to put out the fire.

Earlier, Paris pest control officers were reported to have dumped the emaciated carcasses of rats into the city hall in what has been described as one of the most shocking manifestations of France’s anger over pension reform.

According to the French Interior Ministry, some 570,000 people took to the streets across France on Thursday – far fewer than on the final day of protests on March 28, when authorities counted 740,000 demonstrators.

Throughout the protest, the organizers indicated that there were more demonstrators. Now people are asked to take to the streets again on April 13th.

sometimes violent

In mid-March, Macron’s government chose to bypass the country’s National Assembly and push the law on its own, despite a lack of support. Before and after the decision, nationwide and sometimes violent protests took place in France.

Recent talks between the government and French unions have reached an impasse.

The law means, among other things, that the retirement age must be raised from 62 to 64.